Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Promise I'll Drop It ...

I can't leave the topic of the cops who arrested the black Harvard Professor without one closing remark; and it is a sad commentary at that.

You see, the police were presented with a man inside his own home who was presenting ID that proved that he lived there. But, because they were trained to be suspicious, they continued to question him to make sure that the man was telling the truth.

Conversely, the professor automatically assumed that the police were there only becuase he is black. His outrage was borne from years of thinking that the police target black men because they feel that black men are always up to no good.

Our society has become one where we don't trust the pure motives of another. The cops don't believe a guy inside his own home. The professor just can't wrap his mind around the fact that the cops are trying to do the right thing and keep his neighborhood safe. Meanwhile, our president weighs in without knowing the facts.

A sad state of affairs for America today. I Promise, now, that I will move on ...

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