Sunday, July 12, 2009

Capturing the Memories

Earlier this month, I was cleaning (no, seriously) and I came across a stack of slides in 8.5x11 inch slide holders. They were from our wedding. Jeff, my uncle, brought along his camera (somewhat of a photophile, if that's a word) and gear and snapped a great deal of pictures. Not owning a slide projector (although relavtively cheap on eBay) and probably never owning any future 35mm slides, I took them to Costco so they could convert them to digital images. I gotta tell ya, some of the best money I have spent in a while.

Looking over the pictures (thanks again Jeff for capturing so many of the memories!), it reminded me of how much I love my wife. She looks so young in the pictures and we have been through a lot since they were taken (five moves - spanning two continents and four states, one dog, two children, three deployments ... deep breath) and somehow we survived. But the wedding started it all. We have had a lot of the 'for better' and a pinch of the 'for worse' but, to her testament, she is still with me.

I love you, sweety. You look as beautiful now as you did on our wedding day.

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