Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Great Weekend

Any three day weekend can be considered good. One spent with family on your birthday could be counted as great. The fam visited Columbus this weekend to see Noel's folks (who flew in from Orlando) and her brother and his family. I can dream that the whole weekend was spent horizontal with a Belgian beer, but I will take 20 minutes of it on anytime.

There is something about Columbus, most probably the warm, satisfying memories of my days spent there in college, that puts me at ease there. I tell myself that I remember the smell of Columbus when a light breeze blows or that it doesn't have the problems other towns do. Noel tolerated a (yet another) tour through campus. It reminded me of how much things change (a state of the art rec center that doubled in size) along with how much they stay the same (Woodruff Ave. leading to the frat house doesn't look like it has been touched in 15 years - by a street sweeper or otherwise). We visited COSI to let the kids run loose and to see the John Deere Exhibit, which turned out to be little more than a paid(?) advertisement for farm equipment; replete with green and yellow price tags dangling from the machinery. The kids enjoyed climbing on them but they seemed to enjoy the river front and fountains behind the exhibit more satisfying all together (don't they always?).

We ate some wonderful food (thanks again to Noel's folks for a delicious birthday meal at the Spaghetti Warehouse) and relaxed as best we could with four children under six afoot. All in all, a wonderful way to turn 34.

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