Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dolphin Show, Daddy!

The Huber family continued to take advantage of the extremely cool summer we have been having and ventured out to the Indianapolis Zoo this morning. With the zoo boasting a pair of Komodo Dragons (on loan from the Denver Zoo), we just had to go and see them. Donning jeans (yes, my friends, jeans in Indiana in July. I told you it was cool), we headed in to see what captive nature had to offer us. We started the trip (as we do all zoo trips) looking at the Oceans exhibit. I love this exhibit because the children can get so close to the animals. The sea lions swim inches from their faces. The penguins practically leap out of the water at the young ones.

The highlight, though, is the shark exhibit where you can touch the sharks as they swim by. Mason would have his shoes off wading if you would let him while Mallory won't get near the water with her hands.

Having touched sharks and having found Nemo and Dorie (straight from the Coral Reef display), we visited with the polar bear who was content to do laps in front of us for five minutes. The only downside to the Oceans exhibit is the constant, monotone about how we are terrible stewards of the environment and "Gee, I love going to the beach, but I hate stepping over everyone's trash to do it". It all seems a bit too Clockwork Orange for my liking (okay, maybe the Clockwork Orange reference is a bit much, but it is a smidge overbearing at times).

"Dolphin show, Daddy!"

"Yes, sweetie, we are getting there. It doesn't start for another 45 minutes."

"But Daddy, Dolphins!"

And on and on as we made our way to the Komodo Dragons. Inhabitants of Malaysia, it was too cool for one of the two, so we settled for one dragon this morning. He was happy enough to oblige us by sitting there and pretending to sleep. Only opening his eyes long enough to see if we were still there. We learned from the zoo keeper that these fine creatures have 60 teeth and can eat an astonishing 80% of their body weight in one sitting. Wow. (Further reading on Wikipedia told me they are able to dislocate their jaws and swallow an entire goat. Double wow.)

And, after a trip past elephants, kudus (no, that is not a made up animal) and the giraffes, we made our way to the dolphin show!! Always a treat, the dolphin show transfixes the kids for 15 minutes. From the splashing to the jumping, they enjoy if the same every time they see it.

In at 9:30 and out by 11:45; home in time for naps. Another advantage of having a zoo membership.

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