Saturday, July 25, 2009


Mallory: Daddy, I tell you something?
Daddy: Sure, sweetie, what is it?
Mallory: I three on my next birthday.
Daddy: That's right.
Mallory: I tell you something else?
Daddy: Of course.
Mallory: I went to the museum.
Daddy: With who?
Mallory: Mason and Mommy and Daddy and Henry and Baxter.
Daddy: Did you go with anyone else?
Mallory: Uhhm ... Uncle Allen and Aunt Leanna.
Daddy: Anyone else?
Mallory: Uhm ... Gramma and Papa!
Daddy: That's right. Did you have fun?
Mallory: Yes! (jumping up and down).

Mason: Dad, I watch dot coms when I am in elementary school. (editor's note: 'dot coms' is synonymous with the Cartoon Network. Not really sure how that happened)
Dad: What did Mommy say?
Mason: Uhm, she said yes. In October, I be six and I go to elementary school so I watch dot coms.
Dad: If Mommy says so.
Mason, Oh, yeah!

There is a mobile in Mallory's room that she made at school hanging in her room. It has her first and last name on it.

Mallory: Daddy, you spell my name?
Daddy: Sure.
Mallory: Say 'M'.
Daddy: M.
Mallory: Say 'A'.
Daddy: A
Mallory: Say 'L'.
Daddy: L
Mallory: Say 'L'.
Daddy: L
Mallory: Say 'O'.
Daddy: O
Mallory: Say 'R'.
Daddy: 'R'.
Mallory: Say 'Y'.
Daddy: Y.
Mallory: What that spell?
Daddy. You tell me.

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