Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This is What Al Gore Intended When He Invented the Internet

Listed below are a few web sites that will not challenge your conviction and will not inpire you to think globally or act locally. They are just good, clean (except #3) fun. I trust you will enjoy them.

1. Awkward Family Photos - Just what the title says.
2. GraphJam - User-submitted graphs, charts, etc about everyday life
3. PhotoBomb - Caution! Some of the content on this site may be objectionable to some viewers.
4. Failblog - Ridiculous photos and videos submitted by readers
5. Cake Wrecks - When professional cake decorators get it horribly wrong
6. Why You are Fat - Food you shouldn't eat, but would order every time if it were on the menu at your favorite restaurant

Try not to spend your entire day surfing these sites. They are highly addictive and full of low-brow entertainment.

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