Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How Many Days Left?

Is it Fall yet? No?

This is the time of year where college football fans (and fans of contact sports in general) should wear black armbands mourning the demise of all things sports. I can't get into baseball, the NBA finals will be entertaining even without the whole Kobe vs. LeBron saga and I really enjoy watching the last couple of hours of a PGA tournament on Sunday afternoon. But, it isn't college football.

Especially Buckeye Football. Noel might accuse me of becoming too emotionally vested in 19-year-olds playing a game. But, I just can't help myself. Each Fall, as the The Best Damn Band In the Land walks down the ramp and plays the Ohio State Fight Song for the first time, a rush of emotion and memories flood over me. I loved my time on campus in Columbus and each year, I get to relive those feelings 11 times (plus a bowl game!). I met my wife there. I spent countless days in the Lantern newsroom reviewing copy and assigning stories to young(er) journalism students. I was sitting in the A Deck watching Eddie George run for 314 yards vs. Illinois to cement his Heisman run. I logged countless miles with the ROTC battalion running across the Oval at six in the morning. And, yes, I did some rather goofy things with my fraternity brothers.

So, until the Scarlet and Gray kick off against Navy on September 5th at noon, I will sit here ... patiently ... waiting 94 short days.

Go Buckeyes!

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