Sunday, June 21, 2009

DIY For the Adventure of It All - Part 4

As I mentioned yesterday, we decided to lay tile in the entry way. I had lots of help early on from Mason, who was intent on measuring all of the baseboards, the tile and anything else that that was laying about.

Yesterday afternoon, as I was struggling through the diagonal cuts with the thing-a-ma-jig I bought originally, I decided to call Lowe's to see if I could rent a tile saw. I figured I could spend $50, get some clean cuts and be done with it. Unfortunately, the new Lowe's that opened down the street does not rent them, bu they do sell them (of course). For $60, I got my very own tile saw. It has a 4" circular blade and a resevoir to hold water. It works like a champ. I announced my purchase to all the neighbors by cutting tile until about 10pm last night. After a trip to the water park this morning, I began again in earnest after lunch. I finished up the last cut about 4:30 this afternoon. Next is grouting, painting the baseboards, touching up the closet walls, reseting the baseboards and caulking. Sounds like a project for next weekend. I am really starting to like this tiling gig. I wonder what tile would look best in the master bath?

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