Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Life Lessons

Having notched 33+ years of experience I have learned a few things in life. As I share them, I hope folks can avoid some of my mistakes. Some will apply to all. Some will probably apply to none. I especially hope Mason reads these before he leaves the house in 13 short years.

1. Never mess with a guy who drives a $75 car.
2. Avoid clear tea whenever possible.
3. Nailing a dead pigeon to the door of your fraternity brother is considered a fair counter to having ones furniture removed from their room and rearranged in the parking lot.
4. Always know your audience. P.S. They could be behind you.
5. The last 12 hours of a 60 hour stretch with no sleep are not all that productive. Consider sleep as a viable alternative.
6. Appreciate the food you are served. Even if it is goat that is served to you with someone's bare hands.
7. Be nice. Until it is time not to be nice (With a nod to the B-movie Road House).
8. Good beer never arrives in a can.
9. Priority for a Port-o-let should be established by the speed at which the person approaches.
10. Just showing up for class and taking notes will probably earn you a B- with no additional studying.
11. Be confident.
12. If you see people stacking chairs, help out.
13. If you write an angry email or letter. Eat a meal, re-read it and then decide if you really want to send it, as is.
14. Jokes at one's expense are never as funny when you are picking up the tab.
15. Some math you will never use. That being said, there is no 'life impracticality' curve applied to the 'D' you get.
16. Adverbs don't mean that much, really.

Feel free to leave a comment below of life lessons that you have learned and would like to share.

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