Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Trip to Kings Island

Ahhh, Kings Island. How I have missed you.

Growing up in Cincy, I took Kings Island for granted; with its large and econoically diverse visitor base* and it cornucopia of fried, deep-fried and deep-fat fried treats.

We packed up early and were on the road by 6:45. Not a moment to spare! We were to meet Noel's brother, wife and two young ones (Henry, 5 and Baxter, 3) at 9:30 sharp.

So, off we went. Arriving right at 9:40 (you faithful readers with >= 1 child know that 9:40 is pretty good when you target is half past), we parked at the very end of the row, planning a quick escape once it was time to leave. We ran toward the gate, harkening images of Clark and Rusty pursuing the mythical Marty Moose.

We met up with the Boerger family and headed toward what used to be called Hanna-Barbera Land. I found that much has changed since my last visit but the one thing that hadn't is that a five-year-old can have loads of fun, dragging along his sister.

Mason's favorite ride was Fairly Odd Coaster which was The Beastie when I rode it last. It is still a great ride and very age appropriate. We splashed through the water play area, rode the Blue's Clues ride, Blue's Skidoo (the only one Mallory cried on ... and, boy, did she cry ... It is super scary. Check out a picture here) and rode the Giggle Coaster.

Noel was nice enough to allow Allen and I to wander off to DiamondBack, the new, ridiculously tall coaster the kind folks at KI installed for 2009.

We dined on delicious LaRosa's pizza and watched a motorbike stunt show they had set up at the entrance for the Memorial Day Weekend.

Thanks Kings Island for your hospitality. The Huber family had fun.

*Just like the Michelob Invitational

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