Thursday, May 28, 2009

Culminating a Journey to Abacus

Mason officially 'graduated' today. As usual, Abacus put on a first class event for the students and parents. We are blessed to have found this place but it wasn't without some stops in between ...

Two and a half years ago, Mason wasn't clicking with his teachers or the daycare we picked shortly after moving to Indianapolis. We couldn't place our finger on it but it just wasn't right. The daycare in Texas was wonderful and we had high expectations. One night, Noel and I came to the conclusion that it was time to look for a new provider. Noel began to scour the internet for daycare providers making a list for me to check out.

When I walked into Abacus Preschool I met with Linda, asking to get a tour of the facility. Coming out from behind the counter, we shook hands and she first took me to the gym.

And that was it.

This big, open, beautiful gymnasium. There they were. Children doing laps, cart wheels, tumbling, spinning and generally letting off steam. And it hit me. This was the place. Mason's former day care didn't have this (or much of else). They ate in their rooms; they played in their rooms. They never left their rooms! I didn't need to hear anything else (although I listened attentively to the rest of Linda's pitch, I promise).

I called Noel excitedly and told her she had to check it out. I then prepared my 'It's not you, it's us' speech for the old daycare and Mason started anew.

Now, we waited for Mason and his classmates to enter the gym where it had all started. I was so glad we found Abacus. The gym was decorated with stars, as that was the theme. Stars made of construction paper hung on the wall annoucing the children's favorite activity (Mason's was outside time). There was a construction paper star walkway displaying what the children wished to be when they grew up; and there were a variety of answers including (but not limited to) construction worker, football player, doctor, McDonalds worker, millionaire, Firegirl(?), Tinkerbell, a Guitar Man, and a Crocodile Hunter (as that position has been vacant for some time now).

We were treated to two songs; Graduation Day (sung to the tune of I've Been Workin' on the Railroad)
I've been goin' to my preschool
all the whole year long ...

and Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. We then listened to a reading from the Book of Clifford (well, Clifford's First Day of School to be exact). Then the children received their 'diplomas'. The funniest part of the evening was the kids figuring out there was cake; and it was to be here SOON. As you can see in the video clip below, they were more interested in sugar than singing their final number ...

We really appreciate all that Abacus has done for us and will continue to do for Mallory.

Thank you, Valari, Val, Miss Marcie, Mrs. Lori, Miss Tori and the Abacus team!

Here is a picture of Mason with his teacher, Miss Marcie.

This is Mason with the Assistant Director, Mrs. Val.

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