Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bumblebees vs Leprechauns

Today was the final day of the Zionsville Youth Soccer Association Spring season. The ZYSA puts on quite a season with teams ranging from Under 5 (which Mason is on - based on his birthdate; think school enrollment) to 8th and 9th graders. To give you a scale of this operation, there were 31 U5 soccer teams that participated this Spring. Lots if T-shirts, medals and photos to coordinate. All of this is done with a volunteer staff. Well done, ZYSA.

Donning our yellow jerseys for the last time today, the Bumblebees squared off against the Lucky Leprechauns. Just watching the children play today, I was amazed again (as I am every season) at how much they improve from the first practice to the last game; especially the younger children. And by 'younger', I mean the 4-year-olds on the team. They gain the confidence to kick the ball while on the run and trust that it will go forward. At the beginning of the season, it goes like this.

Step 1: Run up to the ball
Step 2: Stop
Step 3: Kick the ball
Step 4: Watch the ball
Step 5: Run after it
Step 6: Repeat

There is no score keeping, no goalies and a loose time clock. Passing the ball is an alien concept. "I'm supposed the kick the ball in the goal!" But, at this age, none of that matters. They are out there having fun, learning to enjoy the outdoors, the game of soccer and what it means to be a kid.

The Bumblebees

From Left to Right: Mary, Emily, Mason, Jack, Warren, Sabian, Coach Huber

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