Sunday, May 24, 2009

DIY - For the Adventure of It All

Yesterday was Kings Island. Today was a chore we have been putting off for months. Many moons ago, Noel and I thought it would be a good idea to tile the downstairs entry way and the kids' bathroom. What prompted this good idea, you ask? A tile clearance sale at Home Depot.

Today was the day ... at least for one of the two. So, I began on the kids' bathroom.

Since we decided to take on this endeavor, I have watched a few YouTube videos and read some "how-tos" online so I thought I was fairly prepared. I made a list (checked it twice) and headed out to Lowe's (the new one they built next to our house ... wow, it has been a long time since we bought that tile). Once there, I picked up some items and grilled a couple of the folks that worked there about everything from the transitions between the carpet and the tile, the bolts that secure the toilet to the rough plumbing to the best type of grout applicator.

Armed with this new found knowledge, I checked out with Debbie, the cashier, wishing me luck. Returning home, I immediately set to work, taking out the toilet and then pulling off the base molding. Mason and Mallory looked on with amazment as I began my Extreme Makeover: Kids' Bathroom Edition.

Mason and Mallory came it to check my work. Mason: "Daddy, why is the toilet in the bathtub?" Mallory: "Where did the floor go?" Once everything was out, it was glaringly obvious that the walls were dirty. So, we painted about six feet up the walls from the floor.

It's like taking an engine apart and putting it back together. This was the easy part. Now came the moment of truth. Applying adhesive and setting tile seem so permanent. What if it looks terrible. I guess we would just put the big throw rug back down over it. Off I went, troweling and setting tile. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Thank goodness my 2 inch tiles were connected in 12" squares.

The first phase took me longer than it should have but Noel was there supporting me all the way. She was happy with the tile. Now lets see how i do with grout ...

Wish me luck ...

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