Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Let's Hope They All Go This Well

Tomorrow is Mason's graduation from pre-school, but today was our first official parent teacher conference.

Uh oh. I hope they don't go like the parent-teacher conferences between my folks and my teachers.

We met Miss Marcie after school to discuss Mason's evaluation that she had filled out and sent home late last week. It evaluated things like 'sharing', 'ability to count to 10', 'can recognize numbers written out', etc.

Like all the children of Lake Wobegon, Mason is above average. He scored well in the items we thought he would score well in (letters, numbers, etc) and he needs to improve on the things we thought he would need to improve in (sharing, listening, etc). He is, after all, his father's son.

The real positive was that Miss Marcie was very fond of Mason and she said that he was one of her favorites to have in class (although she may say that to all parents). She assured us that he is ready for kindergarten and that he is very bright. Her biggest challenge, she admitted, was keeping him busy. Being bright with a short attention span can be a curse.

After 'graduation', Mason will stay at the Abacus preschool through the summer where he will take a bunch of field trips (zoo, Imax Theater, the Indianapolis Children's Museum, etc) before matriculating at Stonegate Elementary School here in Zionsville.

I hope the parent teacher conferences at Stonegate go this well.

Wish us luck. The next graduation is just 13 short years away.

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