Saturday, August 8, 2009

August Birthdays Galore

Tis the season for birthdays. In the extended Huber Family, my father celebrates his birthday today (Happy Birthday, Dad!) and my nephew Maxwell celebrated his yesterday. Locally, Mason's best friend, Lucas, celebrated along with the daughter of my close friend Alan (whom you read about giving me advice about changing my oil).

Both had parties to which we were invited.

That could only mean one thing ... cake overload for Mason.

Mason and I ventured out this mid-morning leaving Noel and Mallory to relax. We headed east to Carmel; home of the American roundabout (Incidentally, there is a joke about why Carmel has so many roundabouts. They install them because everyone in Carmel thinks they have the right of way. No offense, Carmelites!). Lucas' party was highlighted by the Silly Safaris, a local company that specializes in bringing exotic animals to your home for parties. They do a great job of interacting with the children and entertaining the adults, as well.

Below is Critter Colleen, one of the hosts of the Silly Safari. As you can see, the kids are thrilled to be so close to a real alligator!

Sadly, Lucas and Mason are parting company this week as they head off to different kindergardens. They were best buds in Jr. K at Abacus.

After running an errand for Mommy, we were off to Fishers for more partying and more cake! It was a more subdued affair at Alan's house as there were far fewer 5-year-0lds running around. Mason searched for super bouncy balls in the back yard while I caught up with some folks I hadn't seen in a while; Jamal, and his wife Brandi, Heather, Gabby, and her husband Patrick were all there to help young Alexa celebrate her first year of life.

The cupcakes were equally delicious at this party! Mason shrugged off the cupcakes at this party. It probably had something to do with the cupcake, Heath bar, six Starburst and the gum he consumed at Lucas' party (ahh, those were the days). He did, however, enter the picture drawing contest that Amy, Alexa's mom, hosted. I think all of the children who entered ended up winning.

We ended up back at home around four. I discovered that Noel spent the day relaxing my cleaning the shower, re-arranging the kids' play room and cleaning all of the countertops (we have differring definitions of relaxing).

Thanks to the McManus and Rickels families for wonderful hospitality!

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