Monday, August 3, 2009

Why America is So Great

Today, Matt Drudge posted a trio of Youtube clips showing Americans teaching their elected officials what it means to raise the ire of the American Public.

Sen. Arlen Specter/Kathleen Sebelius

Rep. Lloyd Doggett

Rep. Tim Bishop

This voice that we have is somewhat unique in our world. I think that most take for granted the freedoms and the rights we have as Americans. Our founding fathers were certainly on to something when the crafted our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

An old joke puts it all in perspective.

An American and an old Soviet are comparing their rights.

American: In America, I can stand outside the White House and criticize the President of the United States all day long.
Soviet: So? I can stand outside the Kremlin and criticize the President of the United States, too.

John F. Kennedy:
Without debate, without criticism, no administration or country can succeed - and no republic can survive.

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