Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The New Chair

It is official. I am the Chair of the Dads Club of the Stonegate Elementary School Parent/Teacher Organization. What does that mean, you ask? Not a lot, I suppose. But I am looking forward to contributing in any way I can. The Dads Club (I haven't figured out whether or not there is an apostrophe in 'Dads' yet; and, if there is, where it goes ... Dads? Dad's? Dads'? Sounds like its time for my first executive decision!) is responsbile for two events each year. The first, which takes place in early October, is a pancake breakfast. The second is a bowling event.

I feel that I am already behind on the pancake breakfast planning. Although, in my defense, I have already secured an appearance by Miss Indiana. I haven't really scoped out the rest of it yet. I am not sure how many eggs I will need, nor the cups of milk it will take to make a yet undetermined number of pancakes.

Regardless, the goal is to raise money for the school. I am open to suggestions on how to raise more cash. We begin at 9 am on October 3rd. Gotta go!


Indiana Lori said...


It's 2 cups of mix to 2 eggs to 1 cup of milk. That makes about 4 pancakes. Greg wrote it on the side of my mix container and then covered it with tape so it would never smudge off. He's oddly useful that way. Add vanilla to the mix if you want it sweet. You can also add lemon juice and baking powder to make them fluffier. It's all on bisquick's website.

Good luck. I heard I have to make a man dinner to pay for Miss Indiana's visit. She's a sweetheart and her Director is awesome. Make Greg buy a ticket.


P.S. Beware volunteering at school. Next thing you know, you'll be buying 4000 presents...

Ken said...

A pancake breakfast, huh? I hear Dad has a great recipe for Pancakes?! Come to think of it, use wine instead of water to keep the kids calm!