Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Crack Cocaine of Primetime Television

In case you haven't heard (which I am sure you haven't), the 'CW' network is resuscitating the long-dead TV show, Melrose Place. Yes, that's right ... Melrose Place. To warn you, there is nothing redeeming about this show. Or, at least there wasn't 15 years ago. There were mysterious brain tumors, torrid love triangles, haunting addictions ... you know, the typical stuff you would find packed into one not-so-quiet apartment complex at 4616 Melrose Place. It had some innate qualities like Heather Locklear, Courtney Thorne-Smith and Marcia Cross (of Desperate Housewives fame).

The original ran from 1992-1999 and I finally kicked the habit when Fox cancelled the show and I went cold turkey. Now, with the crack cocaine of television coming back on the air, I fear that I will get the shakes if I don't at least try it. On the other hand, if I watch just one episode, I could be hooked again. I hope that doesn't happen.


Indiana Lori said...


Without Melrose Place, we'd never know that choker necklaces and bodysuits existed. Where would fashion be without chokers? What would we wear with our mauve lace bridesmaid gowns? What would we have worn clubbing if we didn't have bodysuits? It would be chaos. Thank you Melrose Place, thank you.

Indiana Lori

Ken said...

How does Marcia Cross attract guys to her shows? She's not even that attractive?! I only know who she is because I am a not-so-closet DH fan!

Doug H. said...

Ahhh, bodysuits. You 90s fashion perfection, you. Rest in peace, bodysuits.