Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Green Shoots

This past weekend, the Hong Kong House (or, as the kids call it, the 'Hunka Hunka House') to much fanfare. It is located in the Marketplace at Anson, which is a fancy name for a strip mall that is half full in a master planned community that decided to open just as the real estate market entered terminal velocity. Regardless, the Marketplace is showing signs of life and the Hong Kong House is the latest birth.

Saturday evening, they hosted a Grand Opening celebration which included two Whitestown police officers (Not sure why they were there. I asked one if they were expecting an unruly crowd. He couldn't tell if I was serious or not.), the Boone County Economic Development Council Chair, a Whitestown Councilwoman, the owners, the Zionsville Jazz band (Lady Gaga was booked), and a troupe that showcased a lion dance. And, of course, a few drops of rain.

The owner spoke and got choked up when talking about all of the hard work that went into building out the space. He thanked his family who he probably hadn't seen much of in the last 60 days, or so. After the speeches and the dancing lions, they opened the restaurant for a tasting but we arrived at the confluence of a long line and the children's bed time so we called it a night.

We did go back the next day and order some take out to help our local small businesses. They were suffering from the same challenges that every restaurant has on its first day, but the food was good. We'll give them a while to get their processes down and we will be back.

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