Monday, August 17, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten!

We survived. Whew. Mason survived ... and thrived.

Up at at 'em early in the morning (live every other morning), we dressed and ate breakfast at the table. Then, off to school!

Mason is enrolled in the before and after-school care so we took him to the cafeteria where an small army of providers were there to receive him (Mrs. Linda, Mrs. Becki, Mr. Trevor, Mrs. Najimas, and Miss Haley). Mr. Trevor was playing chess with a student which caught the eye of Mason (and his old man ... with him being a closet chess player, and all). Mason, also like his old man, loves to compete and got in line to play chess. I don't think he has ever seen a chess game before but it had all of the requirements; 1) it is a game 2) uhhh ... nope. That's it. Just one requirement, I suppose.

Off we went to leave Mason to his journey. At home, he was famished. Conquering four pieces of pizza, he came back for a big piece of '1st Day of Kindergarten' cake.

Only 2,159 days of class until he graduates. Gotta go. I have to check the balance of his 529 ...


Randall said...

I always asked my kids after the first day of class: "Did you learn everything, or do you have to go back tomorrow?" Alas, they always had to go back!

Doug H. said...

That's great. I will use it!