Friday, November 27, 2009

The Princess is Three

Most days it seems like it was just 3o days ago that our precious Mallory was born (there are times when it seems like 30 years, but those are few and far between). My baby girl is now three and she brings us joy every day.

She is not without her challenges but my grandfather gave me ample warning prior to her birth. As the proud father/grandfather/great-grandfather of (dozens?) of girls, he said to me, 'Doug, when Mallory is born, she may look like a baby girl, but you must understand one thing. There is a full-grown woman inside there, with all of the same wants, needs and demands.'

Boy, was he right.

Mallory, we love you. We couldn't be happier than you were today.

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Anonymous said...

Did my gift that the Tiara in the picture?