Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Long, Fun Weekend

Last weekend was Fall Break at Zionsville Community Schools, marking the end of Mason's first quarter of school (only 51 more to go!). Given Mason's couple of days off, Noel and I took two days off, packed up the car and headed to Cincy to visit with family.

Saturday, we trekked to Kings Island with Allan, Leanna, Henry and Baxter (Noel's brother and fam) for a Hallow-Fest replete with costumes, candy and a bitter wind chill.

Mason took the stage with Mr. Cowpie with a rousing performance. Please click on the video below to check it out! (for those of you that get the email blast, log on to to view the video, or click here)

After a breezy day at King's Island, we headed back to Gramma Rosie's and Grampa Huber's to visit. We had a wonderful time catching up with Gramma, Grampa, Uncles Ken and Dave and watching lots of college football. The next morning we headed off to Great Wolf Lodge for some indoor swimming fun. Gramma and Grampa joined us with Mason seeing exactly how many slides he could drag Grampa on to (the answer is all of them).

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