Thursday, October 29, 2009

Teaching Freedom to First-Graders

I need some help. The principal of Stonegate Elementary has invited me to speak at the Veteran's Day Convocation to be held November 9th. The topics are the Meaning of Freedom, Pride, Heroism, Bravery and Patriotism.

My question is ... how do I explain that to an audience of K-4? I have some ideas but I am open to any suggestions! (If you get this via email, please respond via email or go to to leave a comment so that others may see it, as well.) I have access to AV equipment and have a window of 10-20 minutes.


Anonymous said...

Well there the old Sycamore Jr High saying Freedom with Responsibility.

But you can tie in some things about what makes America great. And that we should be proud of those things. And some grown-ups work to keep it that way.


Anonymous said...

Are you going to dress in costume for this? err I mean your uniform.


Randall said...

1. Informed. They must be educated so they can understand the issues, and take the time to learn about the issues, not just take the 45 second sound bites off the news program of their choice.

2. Involvement. Too many just sit back and coast, letting others do the hard work. democracy only works when people are involved.