Sunday, November 15, 2009

Home Cookin'

Tis the season where Noel enters 'the zone' of cooking as she prepares for (what is becoming) the annual Thanksgiving feast at the Indy Huber household. She embarked on a journey to Marsh at 6:30 this morning to gather the items necessary. This was possible only after creating a spreadsheet with ingredients from all of her recipes listing the measurements needed for each recipe and ingredient.

I did my part by taking the kids to Cracker Barrel to have breakfast with 'Uncle Kennykins'. The kids were well-behaved and Ken and I got to catch up for an hour or so.

Back at the home front, Noel was 'getting her cook on' (as the kids say), deeply submersed in pounds of dough, simmering bacon and mixing bowls that lined the countertop. The results of these two weekends (there will be more, bigger and slightly panicked cooking next weekend to finish the preparation) is a wonderful feast spanning three days. Tom Turkey won't go in the oven until Thanksgiving morning, but the rest of the items will get underway well before hand.

I can't wait!

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gregandlori said...

From one home cooker to another, Godspeed Noel!