Monday, November 2, 2009


During our trip to Cincy a couple of weeks ago, we celebrated Mason's 6th birthday. Gramma Rosie outdid herself with treats, trinkets and fun games (her favorite game is talking Mason into helping out. He ran around for an hour with a dish towel draped over his arm asking the family around the table if they needed anything else).

The present that stole the show was an ant farm. Pooh-pooed by the uncles, I knew she had a hit as soon as Mason opened it. He marveled at the picture on the front, the larger-than-life ants crawling through the tunnels (This particular ant farm has a gel instead of dirt to allow all to see the ants wherever they may be). The night we got home from out trip, I found Mason curled up asleep with the yet-unopened box. I knew right then that I had to order some ants to make this dream a reality.

Twenty minutes online and $5.95 later, I was the future, proud owner of 20-25 carpenter ants that I would receive in 7-10 days. Those days came today and I opened the envelope to discover a vial of ants (of which most were alive). After dinner, we broke out the ant farm and carefully followed the instructions.

I will keep you up to date on how the ants are doing. So far, just a lot of walking around.


Ken said...

You should've just left a pizza box open. You would've at least gotten pizza for your $5.95 in addition to some ants. Maybe even some roaches too. I bet that company would make you pay extra for roaches!

Anonymous said...

I want to see a picture of the ant home in a few days! Were you able to get a queen ant? That way you can have eleventy billion ants in no time!


Doug H. said...

I will post a follow up. They have already tunneled 3 inches or so in about 48 hours. No queen. Just workers.