Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Envelope

Yesterday, Mason brought home an envelope that was addressed to 'Mr. Huber'. It wasn't a letter envelope, it was big enough to hold 8.5x11" papers flat. I was curious. Mason was very curious. 'Daddy, can I open it? Please?' 'Um, if you open it, can I take the stuff out? We can do it together!'.

After negotiating on who/how we were to open and distribute the contents of said envelope, we finally got it open. Inside, I found a wonderful surprise; 20 hand-written letters from the students and faculty of Stonegate Elementary. Each one thanking me for speaking at the Veteran's Day convocation last month. What a wonderful gift to receive. It made my day to see the hand-colored flags and the young children practicing their writing (with the older students perfecting their cursive).

One of my favorites was from Olivia. It simply shows the purity of a child's thoughts and feelings and how much they want to share with the world all they know and feel. Below is a photo of Olivia's letter (below that is the text of the letter, as written).

Dera Mr. Haber

Thak you for sainge (saying) that stur (story) abowt veachers Day.
it ment alot to me it was hart brackeing to me I loved it so much you rock on
and I am a kide (kid) and I am a geril!


Thank you so much for the letters and the opportunity to speak to the bright students of Zionsville's Stonegate Elementary (where eagles SOAR!). I hope I am invited back next year.

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Anonymous said...

I love to read those types of letters. I used to get them when I did astronomy presentations to school kids. It's amazing to see the diversity of the students.