Thursday, December 24, 2009

House Dad

Being at home these past few weeks has taught me a great deal. Things like: an 'easy dinner' is not (unless you do the hard work the day before and have forgotten about it); entertaining a child or two for days on end takes patience, creativity and (sometimes) divine intervention or the house gets dirtier more quickly when one or more people are home all day.

But, it has been very rewarding. I have spent lots of time with Mallory this week as we kept her home from daycare to save a little bit of coin, using a 'vacation week'. Yesterday, we went to the Entemann's outlet and picked up some yummy baked goods (which are now frozen to maintain freshness!). After that, we headed to Babies 'R' Us and used our recall voucher to buy a crib (don't get any wild thoughts folks. We are helping one of Noel's co-worker whose house burnt down). Then we went to get the oil changed on the Pilot. She bounced up and down in the waiting room for 45 straight minutes before crashing. We had such a great time.

Alas, being a house husband and father is not for me. In between grocery shopping, dropping kids at school, applying for grad school and doing household chores, I have been applying for jobs. Yesterday, I received (and accepted) a job offer. I am not going jinx it by describing it yet but I start on Monday!

Thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers. As I look back at this past layoff, it may have been one of the best things to happen to me. We'll see if that is true. Only time will tell.

The Huber Family here in Indy extends the warmest tidings and hopes everyone has the Merriest of Christmases.

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I look forward to hearing about the new gig.