Thursday, December 3, 2009

Another Milestone

Last week, Mallory 'dismounted' her crib, when trying to reach for a blankie that was out of reach. At this point, Noel and I knew we needed to upgrade her from her crib and convert it to a day bed. As I was reading the instructions (yes, we keep the instructions for stuff like this), I saw an option to convert it to a full size bed with rails that were (of course) not included. I thought to myself, I wonder how much rails are? It would be nice to convert it to a big-girl bed and be done with it. So, I emailed the company and got this in response:

Dear Mr. Huber,

The model you have indicated has been recalled. You will have to contact the recall hotline and they will assist you the phone number is 1.800.646.4106.


Customer Support Services
So much for that idea.

On to another. We decided on a simple twin bed. And, since I have plenty of time on my hands these days, I set out on a quest to give the young princess a fitting bed. After a visit to Mattress Firm and Target, I was all set. Here are the results.


gregandlori said...

Beautiful! I bet she loved it!

Mattress Firm said...

“Mr. Hueber,

What a great story. It looks like she has a place to sleep that is fit for a princess. We would like to help put the finishing touches on her new bed. Someone from our Customer Service Department will be contacting you about sending her a new Teddy Bear for her bed. Please feel free to visit our Facebook Fan Page at and become a fan.

Best wishes,
Mattress Firm

Doug H. said...

Thanks, Mattress Firm!. You can reach me at