Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Today I got the itch to downsize my workbench. When we moved in a little less than five years ago, Greg (my bro) came to visit and put together a big workbench. We have grown into our garage and need a bit more space.

Mason was quick to help using the tape measure on everything he could. "Dad, this is 11 inches." "Dad, this is 20 inches". Whoa! Dad! This is like 65 inches!".

It was a nice excuse to try out my Christmas gift. A wicked cool radial saw with a Dr. Evil 'laser-beam' on it.

Daddy and Mason (as seen by Mommy and Mallory)

Mason after sweeping up after the old workbench was removed.

The newer, sleeker workbench (very exciting).

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Anonymous said...

Ah tear....a bit of Greg has disappeared for ever.