Monday, May 31, 2010

The Indianapolis Zoo - Cheetah Edition

The Indianapolis Zoo opened its Cheetah exhibit this weekend; hosted by Tony Stewart's likeness. The cheetahs have a permanent home at the Indy Zoo now. They won't be moving along anytime soon. I am proud to boast that the exhibit was designed by my brother-in-law and his company (Rotostudio). Mason was first in line to race the cheetah this morning.

Mason came in a close second to the cheetah time (Hey, I thought they always said that 'cheetahs never win'. Maybe I am confused) to cover 70 feet. Anyway, Mason had fun and the cheetahs were beautiful to look at.

Then it was off to the perennial favorites including the dolphin show, the snakes and petting the sharks.

We ended up at the water park ... as we always do.

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