Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The National Training Center

This evening, mommy, the kids and I were looking through some photos (the paper kind, like they had in olden days) and I came across some from my National Training Center Rotation (at Fort Irwin, CA) in November of 2002.

This picture is of Capt. Brian Herzig, our fire support officer, Maj. Jeff Meeker, our battalion executive officer, and Capt. Jon Meredith, the battalion plans officer. By the looks of it, this picture was probably taken between 0100 and 0300 during one of our all-night planning sessions. Our 'battle rhythm' was that we would sleep every other night.

This picture is of Capt. Tim Love and me.

Me and Capt. Jay Haley. The officers of the battalion had a mustache growing contest during the training rotation. We didn't judge last place but, surely, I would have 'won'.

Capt. Jon Meredith and Capt. C.J. Kirkpatrick in front of our TOC (Tactical Operations Center).

Staff Sgt Racicott, Corp. Franke, Private 1st Class Newman (who was my driver) and Private Espinoza. The latter three were the horsepower behind my Combat Trains Command Post (CTCP).

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