Sunday, March 21, 2010

Skate Night

Saturday night the Stonegate Dad’s Club hosted a roller-skating party for the families of the school. I got a tip from the PTO president and coordinated the event.

There were a couple dozen kids there, mostly from age 5-8. The moms and dads were just as unsure on skates as the kids and that put everyone at ease.

I was never much for roller skating. To this day, I believe that there is at least one nerve that did not fully connect between my brain and my feet. Whether it is soccer, skating or dancing, the message gets lost between my brainstem and my ankles. None-the-less, I knew that many people do enjoy skating so it was a pleasure to organize the event.

Mason was unsteady at first. And by unsteady, I mean he held onto my arms while his legs and skates went every direction. In about 10 minutes he graduated to what looked like a new-born calf walking for the first time and in about a half hour, he was on his own. Never in my life have I been as good a skater as he was after 45 minutes.

Some of the kids were not as impressed with the skating. As Mason and I took a break to enjoy a Slushee from the concession stand, we sat next to a parent with her child. She explained to her daughter:

Mom: Every Saturday when I was in 4th, 5th and 6th grade, we went roller skating every Saturday.

Daughter: Why would you do that?

I don't think that reflected the mood of the group as the parents tired out but the children did not. During the last song, there were still 15 or so children on the rink (and substantially less parents).

Thanks much to Rock N Rollers for hosting. We appreciated the hospitality.

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