Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Grandma and Grandpa Visit

Grandma and Grandpa Florida (that's how they are known) came to visit over the weekend. We had a wonderful time catching up and watching Mason lose his mind in a matter of minutes, transforming from (somewhat) mannered 6-year-old to screaming, non-sensical street performer (But, daddy, I have a new audience now!).

Mallory, on the other hand, just couldn't keep up, as much as she tried. Keeping up with her older brother is challenging enough but when he kicks it into high gear ... fughetaboutit. She took short naps, fearing she would miss Mason's latest time-out.

Uncle Allen, Henry and Baxter came to visit on Saturday. Noel cooked a turkey (and three casseroles, a gooey pumpkin cake thingy, pototoes, stuffing, etc). I watched helplessly as she and Roger (Grandpa Florida) deftly manuevered around the kitchen. I did my best to eat too much and then fought the urge to pass out on the couch.

Thanks to gramma and grampa for making the trip from Florida (and braving the cold).

Sorry I can't write more, I must go deprogram my children.

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