Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another Fine Trip to the Indianapolis Childrens Museum

My brother Greg and his two eldest (Ashton and Sammy) came up from Cincinnati for a visit today. Ashton is six weeks Mason's senior and Sammy, 4, has the personality of a six-year-old so everyone got along famously.

We met Greg and sons at a rain-soaked Childrens Museum for a fun day of running around, not listening to mommies or daddies and seeing who could get the wettest at the Science Works water table.

Enjoy the photos from today's event.

Dale Chiluly's glass art that dominates the open rampway to the exhibits.

From left to right: Sammy, Ashton, Mason and Mallory (and the Museum dinosaur in the back)
Mommy and Mason at the water table.

Ashton, Sammy, Mallory and Mason looking at model trains.

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Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that Ashton won the who could get the wettest contest. Thanks for hosting us. We all had a great time!