Saturday, March 27, 2010

Family Photo Day

Ever since Gramma Rosie got the kids Buckeyes sweaters from a little boutique in Lebanon, Ohio, Noel has been itching to get some MFPs taken (MF standing for Meaningful Family and the P is for Photos, of course).

Today was the day. Reminiscent of my grandmother taking me to the department store for my photo, the Indy Hubers loaded up the Pilot and trucked on over to JC Penney for a sitting. Armed with a coupon for a free sitting and head covered in hair gel (to hold what remains of my hair in place), I was ready.

We were met by Rachel who was full of energy on a quiet Saturday morning. She immediately took a liking to Mason and Mallory, and vice versa. She was efficient in getting us in and took plenty of pictures. She was playful with the kids and professional with mom and dad. We lucked out in getting her for a photographer.

As you can see, the photos turned out well (despite me as some of the subject matter). My personal favorite is of the two kids standing. Hope you enjoy.

And no Huber family photo op would be complete without the 'silly photo'. I don't know if it made the kids happier or Rachel happier. Either way, it is worth a laugh.


Laura said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Dean Hershman said...

Thank you for your kind words in regards to Rachel and your experience at our JCPenney Portrait Studio. Delighting our guest(s) is our goal every time. I agree Rachel is a breath of fresh air and is a delight to work with because she always likes to have fun.

Dean Hershman
District Manager JCPenny Portrait Studio