Monday, October 25, 2010

Cool Cast

Thanks to all for the kind words this weekend. We are coming to grips with the fact that Mason is very good at breaking things. As Great-grandma suggested, we discussed this second injury with the doctor as an indication that it could be something more than just a co-inky-dink. But, Dr. Caltoum, a very well-respected physician/surgeon at Noel's workplace reassured us that the bones look healthy and there are no symptoms of anything more sinister than a boy that ran head first into some long odds.

So, we sit here with another cast. Albeit a cool, green and blue candy-striped cast. The doctor did it herself commenting that she (and her fellow residents) would make funky casts to make the time go by (usually at 3am) during their long residency shifts (Uncle Marc can probably relate).

We are back on the mend and, with any luck (not that we have much lately ... the lottery ticket was a bust), we'll have the cast off by Thanksgiving.

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