Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ba - Ba - Ba

Mallory watches intently as Mason sounds out letters during our reading time. With a firm grasp of the alphabet, he has started to play a game with Mommy and me. At the dinner table each night, we guess what Mason and Mallory had for lunch at school.

Here was tonight's conversation:

Mallory: Daddy, guest what I had for lunch today, daddy!
Daddy: Uhh, give me a hint.
Mallory: It starts with a Ba. Ba - Ba - Ba.
Daddy: Brussel Sprouts!
Mallory: No, Daddy! Ba - Ba - Ba.
Daddy: Broccoli!
Mallory: No, Daddy! (giggling) Ba - Ba - Ba!
Daddy: Give me a hint!
Mallory: Ba - Ba - Ba ... BASGHETTI!


Indianalori said...

Love it! Little sisters are hilarious, aren't they?

Laura said...

Really laughed out loud at this one! Thanks for sharing!