Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mason is Entering 1st Grade

Almost one year ago, I wrote about Mason entering kindergarten. It seems like a long time ago because Mason has grown so much in 12 short months. He has gone from an interest in the Disney channel to 'big boy' programs on Nickelodeon and more mature cartoons (no, not that mature ...) on Cartoon Network. His size 3 shoes seem so big when I hold them in my hand yet perfectly proportional to his body when he has them on.

He (along with Noel and I) love Stonegate. I know I must sound like they feed us Koo-Aid there, but it is a wonderful, nurturing place to help educate our son. The faculty and staff remain in our high regard.

I, too, am gearing up for another year as chair of the Stonegate PTO Dad's club. I am fortunate to work with some of the most selfless women who dedicate many of their days to the betterment of our dear elementary school. Wish me luck as I try to cobble together a pancake breakfast in the winter (I am on the lookout for guest stars, mainly one of the Colts if you know them ... just sayin') and possibly a spaghetti dinner in the Spring; along with the usual help we provide setting up, tearing down and whatever else the PTO needs assistance in doing.

Here's what we hope will be another terrific year at Stonegate.

Mason with his new teacher, Mrs. Lemaster.

Mason at his new desk.


joven said...

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whydowebuy. said...

he's so cute! you must be very proud!
love your blog =)