Monday, August 23, 2010

Casting Call

Since orthopaedic surgeons don't work on weekends, we had to wait until this morning to see one. We arrived at Clarian North Medical Centera bit before eight to see what was in store for us. Noel had dropped Mallory off at school and was already at work which made it convenient ... considering her employment at Clarian North.

There were a couple of distinct possibilities heading into the appointment. First, and most painful, would be that the doctor would have to reset the left arm. That would have cause all-around boo-boo tears and we hoped to avoid this option. The second was that the doctor would look at Mason's arms and say, 'Yup, let's put 'em in casts'.

Luckily for us, the doctor uttered those words (well, not exactly those words) and Mason got to choose some colors for his brand new casts. He chose red with a 'cool' white stripe on each. I think the nurse (who was awesome, by the way) was channelling Indiana University colors. I was all for it because I knew that in six weeks both casts will be scarlet and grey.

After getting fitted for casts, we stopped by Noel's area so Mason could show off his new hardware. 'I wanna see Kent," Mason said. Apparently, Mason and Noel's boss (the aforementioned Kent) are on a first name basis.

In the car, on the way to school, Mason and I had a discussion about what he could (and could not) do when returning to school. No gym, no playground, no swings, no nuthin'. I had sucked every last bit of fun out of two broken arms. He began to cry in the car and was mopey and weepy as we entered school.

That all changed when we entered Mrs. Lamaster's first grade class. You would have thought Mason had just come home from the war. Everyone wanted to see his casts. Suddenly, he was the center of attention and relishing every moment of it. 'Yeah, I broke my arms.' 'I was on the swingset and I fell off.' 'Yeah, it kinda hurt.' He was firing off lines he had rehearsed now a solid 36 hours. Having practiced on everyone from the random guy in the CVS pharmacy to the random woman in the elevator at the hospital today, Mason was ready (and willing) to hold his impromptu press conference right there in front of Mrs. Lamaster's desk.

This afternoon when I went to pick him ... where was he? Playing football on the playground, his casts covered with signatures.

Broken arm(s) + 1st Grade = Rock Star status

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Indianalori said...

If you recall, Sara was cast in preschool after dislocating her shoulder. Her friends were so jealous that they all went home and made casts out of toilet paper. More than one parent came to school that week complaining they had run out of toilet paper and asked if the teachers were doing a unit on casting?

Rock Star indeed.