Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wannado City, Day 5

After two days of roasted in the hot Florida sun, I was ready for a change of pace. Noel's brother, Allen, had heard of a place called Wannado City just south of where we were staying.

In his description of the place, he had me at 'indoors' and I was ready to go.

Turns out, Wannado City is an interactive space for kids where they can 'live' for a day doing work and having fun, all with 'Wongas', the currency in Wannado City. When we signed in, Mason and Mallory were each given check for 150 Wongas. Of course, you can't spend a check in Wannado City, so both had to go to the bank to get it cashed.

Once the two had Wongas in hand, it was up to them to see how they wanted to spend it; and when they got low, had to make decisions on how they were going to earn more.

The funny thing was that both Mason and Mallory were more interested in earning Wongas than spending them. Mason and Mallory both were firefighters and were called to a fire (see the grainy 'smoke-filled' [by smoke-filled, I mean lots of mist] video below).

Each of them worked in the (heavily-branded) Coca-Cola bottling plant where they had to use a video screen to control which bottles would be filled, then capped, and shipped off to customers. My personal favorite was the fashion show (which, coincidently, was Mason's least favorite, but he humored his old man; again, see the video below).

The kids made cookies in the bakery, acted as a reporter for the Miami Herald, made a pizza, and worked as an archeologist. I tried to explain FICA to Mason, but apparently the tax code is different (ney, non-existent) in Wannado City. Mason even got to the point where he was comparing how much he could make by doing different jobs. Who doesn't love cost-benefit analysis!!!???

It was a welcome break from the hot Florida sun and the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Next was back to Orlando to see Mickey!

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