Friday, September 25, 2009

An Un-Fortune-ate Article

My beloved Fortune Magazine, of which I read cover to cover each month, has disappointed me with a terrible article about marijuana. In case you didn't know (and as a disclaimer), I am vehemently opposed to the legalization (or even decriminalization) of marijuana. Even as I have a strong Libertarian streak that runs through me (mostly when it comes to free markets), I just can't wrap my arms around the benefits of legalization. I have seen more than one life wrecked or permanently altered by this drug. And I believe that the negative externalities of one's own choice to smoke marijuana creates too many negative externalities. (In simple economic terms, if you remove the leaves from your yard in the fall with a leaf blower, your yard is free of leaves, but you have created a lot of negative externalities. Just ask your neighbors.)

But, back to the article. This fairly lopsided article paints folks pushing for the reform of marijuana laws as champions of the weak, frail and sickly. When, I believe, that they are pushing medical marijuana as a way to get he camel's nose under the tent. In California, they already have permitted medical marijuana. In one 'health center' they display their 'medicine' with names like 'Blueberry Goo', 'GDP X Bubble Gum', 'Grape Skunk' and 'Jack Ripper'. Sounds like something that is well-regulated, huh?

At one point in the article, the author all but admits that he wants to try marijuana to help with the story:
I then notice a journalistic hole opening up in my reporting. Until now I had assumed that my haphazard, stale, youthful experiences with marijuana would need no refreshing in order for me to write a thorough article about medical cannabis. Now I'm not so sure. Unfortunately, most dispensaries are intransigent about serving only California residents, and I am not one. I explain my quandary to Jacobs. Listening back upon my words as they hang in the air, I realize that it sounds as if I've just asked him to break the law. He very politely declines.

Really? You think you need to smoke pot to add some flavor to the story? (Glad he didn't do an article on gang rape).

How could Fortune top this terrible article? Hey, I know, how about an online marijuana pictorial!


Anonymous said...

Did you see the pictures of the GD marijuana cookies! Might as well market it directly to kids then.


gregandlori said...

Wait - you saw a life ruined by pot? But pot is illegal. People don't do things that are illegal. When spend multiple billions of dollars each year ensuring that the sweet puritan masses are prevented from discretionary thinking...

I think it's shortsighted to assume the overall negative side effects to society would be worse of pot were legal.

gregandlori said...

Forget what Greg said. He should have signed his name to that one. Pot is a gateway drug, legal or not. It's crazy to think that legalizing a potent mind-altering drug will somehow make it OK to use. One sip of alcohol does not make you drunk, for the ding dongs who like to say it's the same as liquor.

I couldn't agree with you more if I tried twice as hard.

Indiana Lori