Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Soccer Game

This evening at Mason's last soccer practice of the Fall 2009 season, the coach asked the parents if we wanted to scrimmage against the children. Did we?! We jumped at the chance. We ran around like kids; dribbling, passing and shooting (not well, I should add). I haven't played organized soccer since I was roughly Mason's age.

In my day, it was the North Sycamore Youth Organization (N-S-Y-O, Let's Go!). Dad coached our team. I remember the giant kick board some parents constructed (where kids could kick the ball and have it bounce back to them. I also remember that we used it more for peeing behind than actually kicking a ball on.

Our game tonight took me back to the parent/son soccer games we would have at the end of the season. If I remember correctly, they were at Sharon Woods (although Dad would know for sure).

I hope Mason looks back fondly on times like tonight as I do on those of 25+ years ago.

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