Thursday, March 1, 2012

Andrew Breitbart

As many of you know, Andrew Breitbart passed away early this morning.  If you are not familiar, he was a conservative blogger/provocateur who incensed many (especially on the Left).  What was truly sad is the vitriol that erupted today on Twitter.  @ComfortablySmug and 'Jim' 'Treacher' (Twitter handle: @jtLOL) both did a great job of capturing and re-tweeting some of the most hateful things said about Breitbart.  The challenged many who would take such offense should these disgusting ideas have come about a liberal commentator.

Many proudly proclaimed that they were 'happy' and said 'good riddance' (I am surprised that wasn't trending, to be honest) and that the 'world outlook is slightly improved' (stay classy, @mattyglesias).

What troubles me most about these things is that those who Tweet them think that the world is better with one less dissenting view point.  That is certainly not what the forefathers had envisioned and it is does not promote the idea of a free market place of ideas.

But, then again, most on the left are suspicious of a free market, anyway.  Apparently, obnoxious and controversial views are okay, as long as they match their own.

Breitbart left behind four children and a wife.  I hope that they can cope, heal and truly appreciate the impact their father and husband had on the political discourse in America.  Regardless of whether or not you liked, or agreed with, Andrew Breitbart; America, and freedom, are now worse off for having lost a voice.

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Anonymous said...

Doug: When you get a chance google: "Breitbart’s coroner" Pretty interesting results!