Saturday, March 5, 2011

2nd Year In-Residence, Kelley Direct

As I came back from Indiana University, after a grueling and exciting week, Mallory met me at the door.  "Daddy!" she yelled, jumping into my arms.  "Where have you been?"
"At school," I replied.
"Doing what?"
"I was studying strategic business analysis," I explained.
"What's 'business'?" she asked.
"Well, its when people buy and sell things from each other."
"Oh.  I have a calendar on my locker at school, you know."

Our week kicked off last Saturday, as my classmates arrived from all over the country (and the world).  We gathered in the Indiana Memorial Union for a welcome from the Chair of the Kelley Direct Program, Professor Eric Richards.  We sat through a few other briefs before our welcome reception.  It was a chance to catch up with friends and acquaintances that I had met last year at our first in-residence program and to (finally) meet some of the professors that had taught us so much over the first year. 

Reuniting with the likes of Jeremy, Drew, Greg, Bryan, Amy and others was a great time.  Swapping 'war stories' with active duty folks Clark, Laura, and Gabe allowed my to reflect a bit on my service and and I am glad that these brave warriors are still defending our nation.  It was unfortunate that I could not spend more time with Will, Lee, Ken, Raghu, Brian, Cindy, Lauren and the many other folks that returned from from our year one in residency.

Between bowling, eating way to much food and watching the Hoosiers come up short against the Badgers at Assembly Hall, we actually manged to do a fair amount of learning.  The Kelley Direct Program partnered with Cummins (the giant engine maker here in Indiana) so that the students could perform a 'live' case study.  Unlike last year, when we were restricted to the material provided to us, now it was just the opposite.  A world of information was at our disposal and we immediately began to swim in data as we tried to answer the four questions posed to us.  We worked diligently for four days before presenting to a panel of judges.

My team, including Tamir, Mike and John, did our best to wade through the problem and come up with a recommendation that we felt answered the questions.  Unfortunately, our team didn't win, but after seeing the final three teams compete, I knew we lost to the best.  The three that won were articulate, detailed and comprehensive in their analysis.  I HATE losing, but if I am going to, then I don't mind (as much) losing to the best.  Hats off to the winners.

Our professor, Idie Kesner was top notch.  Leading us throughout the week, she was assisted by Professors Matt Semadeni, Sreenivas Kamma and Arlen Langvardt.  They were terrific in their delivery and insight.  I am proud to say that I learned a great deal from each of them. 

As always, the Kelley Direct staff was top notch.  Led by Terrill Cosgray, Roberta, Jane, Lindsey, Donna, Mark, Kathy, the amazing IT staff and many others made the logistics look effortless (and I know I am forgetting lots of folks so please forgive me). 

The only downside is that there isn't a 3rd year in-residency.  All the best to my cohort as they begin their second year.  I hope to see you all at graduation.

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