Sunday, December 26, 2010

The 3-Advil Snow Fort

The Huber boys had been cooped up in the house for going on 48 hours and it was time to get out and let off some steam. So, Mason and I headed outside to build a snow fort. Mason donned his overalls, a jacket and (for some unknown, but fortuitous reason) his bicycle helmet (more on that in a bit).

For all the snow that was on the ground and for as warm as it was today, the snow still did not want to pack on its own. This is the precise reason the Rubbermaid invented 32 gal. commercial grade BRUTE trash cans. Armed with two shovels, tested the concept in the front yard before heading out back.

We packed that trash can full 10 times to build the walls. Then we (I) made 'bricks' by filling the can 1/3 full. Mason's job was to fill in the voids with loose snow. I was originally aiming for a roof but my back won the argument.

But, before we done, Mason wanted to smash into the test block we made in the front yard. (for those who can't see the video, click here). Again, thank God for helmets.


Laura said...

Priceless! Such a "boy" moment!

Anonymous said...

O!M!G!!!! Looks like your snow fort is going to survive pret' near anything (barring a nuclear attack) if it could withstand Super-Helmet-Boy.

-- Denise