Friday, July 30, 2010

Cake Wreck?

We have some strange traditions in the Huber family. One of which is the recognition (and subsequent celebration) of 1,000th days. These days call special attention to every 1,000 days we have been alive (a much rarer occurence than the annual birthday, as my father likes to say).

Today is Noel's 13,000th day on this planet. To mark the occasion I ordered a cake with (what I believe) was a high degree of specificity concerning the lettering which was to adorn said cake.

I just wanted it to say, "Happy 13,000th Day".

What I got was a bit different.

13,000th Day Cake

You can see much more egregious versions of cakes like this here.


Indianalori said...

You can't challenge the cake ladies like that man. They aren't paid to do math. If you are a regular reader of Cake Wrecks, as I am, they aren't even paid to SPELL or use any level of critical thinking whatsoever.

Tell your wife I said Happy 26th birthday. You and Greg have a few things to learn about women.

Anonymous said...

Was she born during the last ice-age. Just do like I do and send one rose for every thousand days.


Denise Dilworth said...
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Denise Dilworth said...

So, what you're saying is that she's an "old soul." ;-)

Happy Birthday, Noel!