Monday, April 12, 2010


This weekend I declared war on the dandelions. Not one for chemical warfare (that is sooo WWI), I hired a mercenary. Mason Huber is his name; Baron von FlowerSlayer is is nom de guerre.

His price was right. $.01 for each dandelion plucked from the yard. After the battle (in which the dandelions were wiped from the lawn ... or so we thought), we had a bucket full of dandelions, leaves and grass. Unwilling to count dandelions, I struck a deal with Mason. I asked him how many he thought were in the bucket. "Thirty-five!" he shouted.

"Let's try again," I suggested. "How about 300."

"Three hundred cents!?" Mason exclaimed. "Alright!"

Mason was rich and the yard was cleared.

Sunday morning, we went out to get the newspaper. Reinforcements had arrived on the front lawn ...


Anonymous said...

Unless you kill the roots, you'll never get rid of the bastards. You'll have to resort to Chemical warfare is you want to be the winner.


Anonymous said...

Did you make dandelion wine with the collection?