Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Leadership in the McCrystal Debacle

Here is an interesting piece written by my former battalion commander, who now works at the Center for Creative Leadership.

My thoughts are that McCrystal had to go. If there is one thing that is NOT tolerated in the Army, it is insubordination. If he is not guilty of that, he is guilty of not having discipline within his staff (maybe a worse offense).

Gen. Petraeus has a difficult task in front of him. He has mentioned during his testimony in front of Congress that he was going to review the rules of engagement that govern the soldiers fighting in Afghanistan. He must tread lightly and modify these rules with great caution. If the reports are true about soldiers being hemmed in by overly-restrictive rules, loosening them too fast could be calamitous. Kind of like letting a drunk out of rehab and having him walk home past the bar. Reports are that soldiers are angry and frustrated. What 'better' way to release that frustration than through a hail of gunfire or a 500-lb bomb.

Moonpie (her pen name), currently rehabilitating at Walter Reed said in her blog:

Petraeus said he would take a hard look at the issue. He'd better. The only thing worse than having Congress and the American public in your face is having your own soldiers despise you.

As an aside, if you want an unfiltered glimpse into the life of an amputee with the courage enough for the rest of us, take a few minutes and read through her blog.


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