Wednesday, February 3, 2010

IPS Reverses Course

According to a story in the Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis Public Schools have reversed course on a 2-hour delay the day after the Super Bowl.

Eugene White, the school system's superintendent said that he "never intended to shortchange students" by postponing school. IPS has now said they will start one hour later and stay in school 30 minutes longer. This, after getting a refresher on when it is appropriate to call a school delay.

School districts can institute two-hour delays only for emergencies, such as bad weather or utility problems, according to the state. Those kinds of delays receive automatic waivers from the state. Districts delaying for other reasons would have to apply for a waiver, and Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett signaled today that he would not look kindly on granting one for the Super Bowl.

What I would like an answer on is this. Did the Eugene White not know the policy for instituting delays or were they choosing to ignore it? I am not sure which one is worse.

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