Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Indianapolis Public Schools are a Shame

Matthew Tully is a reporter for the Indianapolis Star and has been conducting the Manual Project for the past several months. He has written a couple dozen articles on Manual High School and its student body. Some of the stories he tells are heart-breaking while others are of children who have charted a course for success despite daunting challenges.

Here are staggering statistics about the Indianapolis Public School system:
  • 52% graduation rate
  • 34% pass the math and English standards for 6th grade
  • 28% pass the math and English standards for 8th grade
  • 24% pass the math and English standards for 10th grade
  • Only 1/3 of students take the SAT; and they then score, on average, 883

I only mention all of this because IPS thought it would be wise to announce a two-hour delay for the Monday after the Super Bowl.

Three years ago, after the Colts beat the Bears in the 2007 Super Bowl, so many
school bus drivers called in sick on the following Monday that IPS officials cancelled classes system-wide.

“This year we don’t think cancelling is an option,” IPS spokesperson Kim Hooper said. “The kids need to be in school. I can’t tell a bus driver you should get to bed early, but we want to avoid an issue like in 2007.”

This school system is craving leadership. Too bad they are not going to get it from their superintendent.

“The delay will allow our families and staff to cheer on our home team and focus on the business of education,” IPS Superintendent Eugene White said in a statement today.

The students deserve better from their administrators, faculty and staff.

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Indianalori said...

I'm surprised IPS isn't stuffing the kids' backpacks with beers on Friday afternoon. "We know they're going to drink, so we thought it best to give them the beer we thought had the most nutrients."

Happy Sleeping in IPS! Way to show those kids their futures.